I believe with the right tools and skills, you can build and design a life and career better than you ever thought possible.

I'm a world-adventuring, content-creating, design and coding entrepreneur with a desire for help others turn their passions into a reality. I'm a visual and experience creator in anything digital - whether that is on social media, iphone apps, or websites. My greatest desire is to equip you with the right tools and resources you need to pursue and build a career your love, and from anywhere in the world.

I'm Kelly!
Nice to meet you!



well hello

I understand the struggle in figuring out how to build a career you are passionate about and a life you love.

Growing up in a popular summer destination on the east coast, its no wonder that a Virginia Beach native seeks eternal summer. Pair that with an unquenchable thirst for travel, a relentless hunger for learning, and the obsessive mindset of an overachiever, even the 24/7 work culture of New York City couldn't satisfy my quest to proving you can have your cake and eat it too (or in my case - that you can travel the world and still have a career).

After starting my career in the Big Apple and going on to visit over 30 countries, live abroad, and spend 4 years of working on the road, I'm here to not just show you, but help you shape the life and career of your dreams.  To give you the tools that have helped me be able to adapt to the ever changing online world, navigate new places in the world, and inspire you to pursue the life you ACTUALLY want to live (not the one you were told to live).

I'm not here to tell you to

quit your job and travel the world.

I'm here to show you can have both.

I'm committed to AMAZING content & specialize in design, branding, and photography. I don't just tell stories, I create experiences. Crafting a comprehensive aesthetic campaign, building an influential brand or designing an inspiring digital product is where I thrive. I've slept in shacks on remote Panamanian islands, worked from treehouses in the jungles of Costa Rica, wandered the souks of Marrakech by day to then build on incredible apps with world wide teams by night. This is just the beginning.

What it means to have a career has evolved, the life of a creative has transformed, and denying our ability to move everything online will only hurt your own future and success.  I believe in the power of the internet and that the best teams are made up of the best talent, no matter where that might be in the world.  I believe the best innovators and creators online are ones who are fulfilled offline.

I'm here to give you the tools, tips, and resources that have helped me in designing a life that gives me the opportunity to succeed, and freedom to live.