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for sustainable success


for sustainable success


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Growing and establishing a platform online has never been more valuable for your brand, business, or career.


Jumpstart your Instagram success by building a sustainable system on Social Media for yourself, brand or business to grow your audience, turn followers into paying customers + become known as an expert in your space.

By the end of this, you’ll be able to confidently and consistently grow your online audience, know how to sell your programs or products, and create your own system for success using the social media strategies and systems I've used and learned to build my brand with over 250,000 followers across social media.

Monetizing Your Platform

Social Media + Content Creation

Building Your Brand

What you can learn from me

This program is designed to take the guesswork out of growing an engaged community online, building your brand, and streamline the process for you to build a platform to help skyrocket the success of your business, creative career, or personal brand.

Stoked to build your online platform using the power of Instagram and Social Media? 

Learn and work directly with me to build a brand and grow your community online

about the program

If you're a creator, small business, or WANT to be, but...

You don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Instagram

You’re struggling to define your brand and share it online

You’re still struggling to grow, make money from it and feel stagnant

You feel lost on how to get started building and growing a community on social media. You’re overwhelmed with what to say or post and how to connect online

You feel like you don’t have a cohesive and strong brand on social media that represents your personal brand or business

You’ve been doing ALL the things but see others in your industry crushing it while you’re feeling stuck and just can’t figure out why

Is this program for me?





Define your purpose, get clear on your why, and establish a solid vision for your brand.

Discover and identify what separates YOU and your brand from the rest and how to share it with the world.

Be able to clearly identify your audience, attract them, and build authentic relationships online that turn your followers into fans and loyal customers.

Have a step by step action plan on how to share your brand, create content, and grow your community.

...And anything else we need to grow your brand or business on social media. I will guide you and shape the program to what you'll need for YOUR success

by the end of this program you will..


Hii!! I'm Kelly!

After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts and launching my career as a designer and developer in New York City, I lost touch with being able to create what I love freely. I needed a creative outlet and a way to connect with more like minded people.

I dreamed of building a wildly successful career AND of traveling the world outside of the constraints of 3 weeks vacation. The two didn’t seem to coincide but I still dreamed.      

So I turned to Instagram.

I turned Instagram into my personal creative gallery of moments. After using Instagram as my creative outlet for my life in New York and 10,000 followers later, I realized the power of social media. I knew if I could connect with others like myself, I could create a community to support my ideas, visions, and creations with the world. I realized the power of having community.

After 2 years of trial and error and slowly growing a small community on Instagram, I hit a stride, refined my system and workflow, and grew my online brand community and instagram 100,000 in one year.


Travel + Lifestyle Instagram Influencer //
UI/UX Designer + Developer

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for Sustainable Success


6 Weeks of 1-1 Coaching

brand and build your community online

Application Deadline November 16.
Limited number of spots available